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Marny Schlopy Marny Schlopy, Summit Sotheby's International Realty

“Debbie is the best. I have been in coaching since 1995 and have received more beneficial information from her than any other coach we have ever had. She listens and helps you implement what you need to run a successful business. She is coach, counselor and mentor for me.”

Kristi Vento Kristi Vento, Coldwell Banker Coastal Alliance

“We have had the pleasure of working with Debbie De Grote this past year.  We started off by interviewing coaches from the different companies and Debbie was hands down the perfect fit for us.  Her knowledge of the real estate industry surpasses all others and her experience shines in her coaching techniques. Debbie understands our challenging schedules, our focus on family, and our business goals which makes her the perfect match for us.  Thank you Debbie for being a great listener and a proactive, integral part of our partnership!”

Nick Roshdieh Nick Roshdieh, Sotheby's HOM Group

“I’ve been coached by six different coaches in the past ten years and I can, without a doubt, say that Debbie has taught me more in 12 calls then all my other coaches combined. Her coaching skill set and ability to guide in the Luxury Real Estate market is second to none. I feel more confident now than ever before. She has truly helped bring out my best and most importantly be able to demonstrate to client why they should work with me rather than anyone other Luxury real estate agent. I absolutely recommend her.”

Felicia Werk Felicia Werk, RE/Max

“Debbie's coaching is the reason that my business is what it is today. She is constantly helping me and my team to be the best, in every way possible. She has the ability to motivate and inspire that creates the excitement to make things happen!  I was always considered a top producer in my area with 75-100 units and about 11 million in volume. Due to comparing myself to those right around me I allowed myself to rest in what I thought was better then the rest so it must be the best. Debbie caused me to broaden my thinking and stop resting in what I had done year after year and caused me to accomplish things that I never could imagine.”

Joshua Atkinson Joshua Atkinson, SmartZip

“I have had many sales managers, coaches and mentors in my life and I find it amazing to have had the opportunity to cross paths with such a dynamic individual as Debbie. She brings such genuine positivity and sincerity to her coaching that I have always felt was lacking in a lot of the trainers and coached the big corporations I’ve worked for in the past and have been hired to speak to the sales teams I’ve been on.”

Ralph Wright Ralph Wright, First Team Real Estate

"Debbie and her team is awesome at what they do and every time she speaks to us whether its through her webinars or one on one conference calls she just has a certain way of almost subliminally motivating me with her careful and sincere way of coaching. She probably has so many clients yet she takes her time on each and every one of us and that's what makes her stand out from the rest of the coaches I have encountered in the past. She truly does care about the individual. Thank you to Debbie and her team at Excelleum."